About Us

Sustainable natural resources. Excellent air quality. Reusing. Recycling. Committed to the reduction and removal of our carbon footprint. That’s what GREEN means to us.

We understand that “green” has many different meanings to many different people, all viewing the world from different vantage points. We tip our cap to those that have adopted the green movement through such actions as converting paper towel dispensers to low-voltage air dryers, establishing recycling/compost programs and converting traditional lighting with LED lighting, as well as, there are also many more examples of the green movement in commerce today.

Producing a “green” product is much different than a place of business becoming “green’” such as a retailer or restaurant. It is our duty to take a global view to our end product. To analyze our long-term carbon footprint in which traditional ways of the manufacturing process leave behind and try to reduce it to an untraceable footprint through using sustainable raw materials, recycling 100% of our waste by-product, using resins that meet the most stringent air quality emission regulations, as well as using eco-friendly packaging. To us at Greenply, this is much like hiking through and undiscovered virgin rain forest, not wanting to leave a trace that we were ever there.

It is our goal at Greenply to leave our environment in a better condition for our children’s children than what was left to us from generations of pillaging our earth though the global industrial revolution movement. We wake each day with the goal to improve our process, our product and our performance…an ongoing journey with an unwavering pursuit to achieve excellence.